Artist Statement
In all my creative endeavors — whether as a filmmaker, curator, or visual artist — I consider myself to be an interpreter. Every person, place, or thing has its own genius, and, with the right approach and a little coaxing, their unique characteristics can be enhanced and, thus, celebrated. Like a bricoleur, I explore the potential in the mundane, everyday objects that surround me and feel compelled to repurpose them and put them to good use. In making a piece or body of work, there are two different but equally vital components to my process. The first is the appropriation or transformation of an object or image into an independent work of art. This stems from an immediate response to the unique aesthetic qualities of the source material. The second part is anthropological in nature. Using elements of taxonomy, informatics, and historical analysis, I hope to create additional platforms for viewers to engage with the work and provide context. Whether you choose to navigate the myriad layers of supporting material or simply admire the pieces themselves, you remain a participant in a singular, constructed act of expression.

In Rodin: A Day at la Musée, I was inspired by the dynamic and emotional nature of the artist’s work. On a visit to the Musée Rodin in 2010, I was overwhelmed by his exceptional use of texture and gesture and tried to capture this with my camera. I photographed the collection and grounds using a handheld Canon PowerShot at 1600 ASA with a wide aperture, allowing me to flood the sensors with ambient and reflected light. The desired effect is meant to strip the objects of much of their physicality and emphasize the movements and expressions of the forms. Showing them in this way, I aim to free Rodin’s sculptures of their burdensome media and preserve and amplify the artist’s original intent. In an effort to enhance the experience and allow for further understanding of Rodin’s motivations and the context in which he worked, I have provided this website, a catalog, and other online resources for you to explore. My hope is that you both enjoy the work that I present to you and come away with a greater appreciation of one of the great artists in modern history.