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Henry J. Simonds, Pittsburgh, PA
March 17, 2010
Ed. of 5 — 30”x 22½” x 1”
Piezo print on archival polymer paper on aluminum
Signed, titled, dated, and numbered on back of mount

The bronze sculpture titled Narcisse by Auguste Rodin (c. 1882) is an enlargement of the torso of The Prodigal Son.  That figure was originally featured in The Gates of Hell as the male counterpart in the pairing known as Fugit Amor (Fugitive Love).  Like many characters found at the great portal, the figure developed into an independent sculpture and was known by several different names - Child of the Century, The Prayer, or Woe to the Defeated. It is known that Rodin often repeated motifs and forms and repurposed them throughout his career.  This form can be seen again in works such as The Falling Man and I Am Beautiful — which itself includes the figure of The Crouching Woman.  In the case of Narcisse, Rodin has beautifully rendered the anguish and despair felt by both The Prodigal Son in his remorse and plea for forgiveness and the damned lover’s suffering and longing in Fugit Amor
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