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Le Jardin B

Henry J. Simonds, Pittsburgh, PA
March 17, 2010
Ed. of 5 — 22½” x 30”x 1”
Piezo print on archival polymer paper on aluminum
Signed, titled, dated, and numbered on back of mount

When visiting Paris, a stop at Rodin’s eponymous museum is a must.  The home was built between 1728 and 1730 by architect Jean Aubert on a commission by Abraham Peyrenc de Moras, a member of the nouveaux riches who had made a fortune speculating in paper money.  With its beautiful façades, skillfully rendered interior paneling, and painted medallions, the house has been recognized as a masterpiece of rocaille architecture.  It was matched in beauty by the surrounding French formal gardens. This ornamental reflecting pond - located at the southern end of the great lawn — was not included in the original design.  It was added after 1753 when the new owner, the maréchal de Biron, transformed the landscape into a park with meandering arcades, grottoes, Chinese pavilions, domes of trelliswork, and other decorative flourishes.  Today, the pool features prominently in the renovated garden and is distinguished by the work Ugolino and His Children (1901-1904), which was placed at its center in 1927.
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